In January, I made a life-changing decision to embrace a whole food plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle. I was tired of doctors more focused on writing prescriptions then in helping me heal. After doing much research, I returned to how nature always intended it to be. Eating plants to live, thereby using my food as medicine.

It’s been an incredible journey and one I am still very much on. At the beginning, my goal was to get off the medications I was on for Type 2 Diabetes (accomplished) and high blood pressure (very close). The other side effect of eating plants has been a realization that I was allergic to dairy which was causing my ‘year-round’ allergies – these are gone. Also gone are all menopause symptoms and 45 pounds I no longer need.  

The community I have met on this journey continue to inspire me as they have reversed not only Diabetes and high blood pressure, they have also normalized their cholesterol, turned around clogged arteries, corrected erectile dysfunction, halted the progression of cancer and so much more. Bottom line: YOU CAN HEAL your inflammatory diseases. It’s not a fad, gimmick or a pitch to buy products. It’s nature.

It’s now my mission to help others prevent, manage and reverse their inflammatory* diseases. While I have completed training in this area, I have always thought the most powerful teacher are the ones who have endured a similar challenge and had a breakthrough.

On an individual and small group basis, I’m offering workshops and 360-degree coaching meaning I provide tools and tips to help you address the physical AND emotional side of eating. To impact more people, I’m also working with doctors who want to get back to promoting true healing and healthcare by prescribing food instead of medicine whenever possible.

You can find out more here:  https://www.theinfinitepath.com/. To help support others, I’ll be posting recipes, articles, and real results on this blog to hopefully inspire you to take your health in your hands. Please reach out if you would like to start a conversation.

Susan XO

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