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There is a saying that the “magic happens outside your comfort zone”. I not only agree with this, it’s the way I live my life. Coloring outside the lines, taking a different path and not always following the leader. I feel my way through life; it’s how I live while being my authentic self.

This means purposely putting myself outside this comfort zone to work through uncertainty, fear, doubt and various other emotions and situations that can make me, and many of us, feel uneasy. That zone is different for everyone. From spending time alone and traveling solo, to jumping out of a plane, and everything in between. What can be obtained by crossing that invisible line? Discovery of self! Here are just a few examples of what I’ve done and what it did for me. Maybe these will spark an idea for you:

1) Sitting alone in silence. This can help expand your mind and consciousness making space for brilliant and creative ideas to come to you, and help you work through other things that may be limiting you. I’ve had complete life changing epiphanies come to me, answers to lingering questions show up, and even the topic of my next book come into my head – all of these with such a deep knowing that I don’t second-guess myself.

2) Being 300 feet in the air and jumping out of a tree zip lining above a ravine in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For a friend of mine, this was about proving to herself she could overcome her fear of heights. For me it was a celebration of life – like several shots of exhilaration with accompanying joy chasers.

3) Walking on fire (red hot coals and embers) and not getting burned. I did this a few weeks ago and it has forever imprinted on my mind that I can do anything! At one time I had kidded around saying it was an adventure to check off my bucket list… that is not the reason to do it! I will elaborate on why I did the fire walk in my next blog, coming soon.

Maybe your idea of a “fire walk” is different than mine – that’s perfectly fine! You too can find some magic by shaking up your routine. There is a school of thought that our comfort zones can shrink as we get older, which makes us fear more things. That’s all the more reason to try something new and see where it takes you:

• Set a timer for 5 minutes and sit alone in silence every day and see what comes up. If you can’t find peace at home, go sit in your car or in the middle of the woods, or wherever you have access to. When you’ve mastered doing this for 5 minutes, add 5 more and so on.

• Taking small steps still get you there. Take a new route to work. Run or walk in a new neighborhood or park. Shop your grocery store in the reverse direction. Take that class you’ve been thinking about or check out a group that shares your area of interest.

• Go on a day trip by yourself. Pick a town you always wanted to check out and hit the road. Then put yourself out there by talking to locals and find out where all the hidden treasures are, or even better, ask them why they like living there.

I’ll leave you with two ways of looking at fear: “False Evidence Appearing Real” or “Face Everything And Rise”. Which will you choose?

Susan XO

(Photo credit and feet provided by Tammy Lally. She was part of the “tribe” I walked across fire with.)