Reaching For The Light.jpg

I had to get to the ocean. The sound of the waves hitting the shore and the expansive sky surely would help me get things into perspective following a tough doctor’s appointment. Waiting at a traffic light, a man stood across the road trying to catch a ride. As I approached the inner voice chimed in, “pick him up”. With all my defenses worn down, and feeling like I was in a fog with red swollen eyes behind sunglasses, I pulled over and he climbed into my car.

Immediately he apologized for his shocked expression; a woman had never picked him up before. Jeff’s appearance was shaggy; longish hair and beard, semi-covering very weathered skin and he carried a worn backpack. That’s not what came into focus for me though; it was his bright blue eyes that sparkled.

Jeff mentioned he had a good day. He went to visit a few old friends from past haunts and after speaking with them, he realized he was better off than most. Despite being laid-off from his bridge-working job, he said he knew it would work out; it always had in the past. I smiled and said I was having an unusually not-so-great day and was going to walk the coast and figure things out. He listened and gently offered his companionship if I needed someone to listen.

Nicely declining his offer, I dropped Jeff off at his destination. He shook my hand thanking me for the ride and said he hoped to see me again. Then he closed the door, walking away with a bounce in his step.

The sounds of the ocean soothed my soul while the sky echoed the heaviness I felt; dark clouds barely moving towards the horizon. I spotted a feather on the walk which is my angel sign. Not that I needed it; Jeff presented as my angel. At that very moment the light shown through the dark clouds and lifted my spirit. Know that we are never alone.
“Every little thing gonna be alright.” - Bob Marley

Much love,
Susan XO