My Go-To “Just the Facts” Nutrition Guy

Reading through my Facebook feedback recently, I started to wonder which topics can claim the most alternative facts:  diet plans or politics. In this sea of alternative facts, many people are wondering where to go to for the real-deal. I’m writing this because I’ve done loads of hours of research when it comes to plant-based eating, and what I write about here is what I believe to be true. I’m sharing it with you, because time is precious. More importantly, the findings are proving to be true, based on me following an unprocessed food, plant-based lifestyle and the results I’ve experienced as my journey continues.

The goal of this post is to summarize for you this TEDx presentation by renowned plant-based doctor, Michael Greger. His journey began when his grandmother was given a death sentence diagnosis of heart disease at age 65. She was unable to walk without chest pains and pains in her legs. Luckily, she stumbled upon an early lifestyle medicine doctor, Dr. Pritikin, who recommended a plant-based diet. After 3 weeks of following his diet plan, she was walking 10 miles a day and went on to enjoy living 31 years past diagnosis. She was 96 when she died.

This is why Michael Greger went into medicine. He has made it his life’s’ mission to help patients, while not being controlled by corporate budgets and funding. Dr Greger and his team personally read through every medical journal written in English, scouring for groundbreaking, science-backed and evidence-based data, and publishes the “facts only” by uploading it to his non-profit, non-commercial website Everything on the site is free and is a labor of love in tribute to his grandmother.

Here are some head-turners from Dr. Greger’s video:

Hardening of the arteries, the first stage of heart disease, now starts in children who are eating the Standard American Diet (SAD – great acronym) around age 10. The good news is it can be reversed by removing artery-clogging foods (spoiler alert: fats) from your diet. Plant-based diets aren’t just safer and cheaper, they work better than all others because they treat the underlying cause – the food we consume.

The #1 cause of death and disability in the U.S. is our diet, bumping cigarette smoking to the #2 killer.

The disconnect between the science of plant-based nutrition and the practice of medicine is related to funding from associated industries. (When was the last time you saw a commercial for broccoli?)

The food industry uses the same tobacco industry tactics to twist the science-based findings and dispense mis-information. The same scientists for hire paid to downplay the risks of cigarettes and toxic chemicals, are the same paid for by the National Confectioners Association to downplay the risk of candy; are the same who are paid for by the meat industry to downplay the risk of meat.

Animal-based and processed foods are killing off up to 14 million people a year.

So now you know my go-to guy* when it comes to plant-based eating. Want to learn more about him? Check out his website,

*Dr. Greger does not know me, nor do I receive any compensation for writing and publishing this blog. In the spirit of full disclosure, we did make eye contact several times at the Boston Vegetarian Fest during his presentation. Since I haven’t heard from him, I’m guessing he wasn’t smitten. <smile>

Wishing you the best of health!



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