In Relationship with Potato

Everywhere I turn these days, I keep reading articles and posts about potatoes. I suppose it’s because there is yet another low carb DIEt craze that’s been gaining in popularity. If you’ve been following along with me, you know that I do my best to live a whole food plant-based lifestyle which is high carb, low fat, unprocessed foods that come from the earth. You know REAL food that is good for your HEALth.

Potatoes are a big part of my diet – white, gold, red, purple, sweet – they’re all good to me. So much so that the other day I was thinking of changing my Facebook status to, “In a relationship with potato”.

Spuds are definitely not duds. Baked. French air-fried. Smashed. Mashed. Boiled. Broiled. Steamed. Hash browns. Home fries. Bring them on!

And here’s the thing… Potatoes get a lot of flack in the media even though they are actually a nutritional powerhouse. Did you know they have more vitamin C than an orange? That they have more potassium than a banana? Or that they have as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal? Well, now you know. Check out Rip’s video here for more…


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