Elder Care 

What is an Elder Care Doula? Why would I need one?

It's an understatement to say that we are facing an elder care crisis in the United States that has caused extreme loneliness, isolation and malnutrition in this sacred population combined with a complex and managed healthcare system. 78 million baby boomers started turning 65 in 2019 and 20% of them do not have children to help guide them as they age or other living relatives to help out. Many kids have parents that live far away in other states. We know that roughly 85% of people 65+ will need some form of assistance at some point with Activities of Daily Living. 

As an Elder Care Doula, Susan is a specially trained companion who holistically cares for the elderly or people of any age who need assistance in a non-medical way. She focuses on caring for those who need help with Activities of Daily Living such as meal preparation, walking safely, getting dressed, tidying up the house, cooking and cleaning, driving people to/from and being an advocate at doctor appointments, organizing social activities, helping them get their affairs in order, connecting them with other resources, and many other tasks. 

I'm caring for my family member and need a break sometimes. Can you help? 

Yes! We will provide short-term respite care so that you can take a nap, run errands, get some fresh air, go out for a bite to eat, go to church or whatever you need to do. In these times self-care is of the utmost importance. Please plan ahead and provide a minimum of a week notice or longer if possible. 

Elder Care Services

See package rates & payment options below.

As an Elder Care Doula, I am a specially trained, non-medical companion who holisitically cares for the elderly or people of any age who need assistance with activities of daily living. Services provided can include, but are not limited to:

Meal preparation & cooking

Grocery shopping & errands

Getting dressed assistance

Walking assistance

Tidying up the home

Driving to & from appointments

*I do not provide home health aid or hands on medical care services. 


Advocate in medical settings

Organizing social activities

Helping get affairs in order

Resource connections

Screening for safety issues

Trusted companion & friend

Package Rates & Options

1 free 30-minute consultation

***Services may be provided on a sliding scale***


$45 per 1-hour sessions

5 1-hour sessions bundle = $200 ($40 per hour)

10 1-hour sessions bundle = $350 ($35 per hour)

20 1-hour sessions bundle = $600 ($30 per hour)


$75 per 90-minute sessions

5 90-minute sessions bundle = $350 ($70 per session)

10 90-minute sessions bundle = $650 ($65 per session)

20 90-minute sessions bundle = $1,200 ($60 per session)

Customized packages are available. 


The Infinite Path services are prepaid via Zelle, PayPal or Venmo. If received in advance, personal checks are also accepted (made payable to Susan Luddy).  PAY FOR SERVICES


In case of a death, hours remaining in the package you purchased can be applied to another family member or whoever you designate to receive services from The Infinite Path. There are no refunds.


Please note that I do not accept insurance for payment.