End of Life Planning 

Why is it important to do end of life planning?

All too often people put off thinking through and documenting their wishes. We wait for it to be right in front of us before we start thinking about it and then the family is scrambling trying to figure it all out. The thing is, if you wait until the last phase of your life, it causes 100% more stress. When you're in crisis, that's not the time to make life changing decisions for you or your family.


Because death makes us uncomfortable, there is lack of discussion around it. It's time to stop ignoring the fact that death is guaranteed. The most peaceful, beautiful AKA good deaths are the ones that were planned out well in advance. By doing end of life planning ahead of time, you can make the last phase of your life experience 80-90% better. 

When is the best time to hire someone to walk me through everything to do with end of life planning?

Once you are an adult, it's never too early to start making plans. Why? We never know what life is going throw at us. People often put off doing this work because they fear death even though it's a part of life that none of us are going to escape from. Don't wait for a terminal diagnosis to get started. Reach out now!

How Susan can help you.

One of Susan's strengths is in her ability to help families calmly approach topics that are difficult to discuss. 

Care Consulting Services

$65 per hour

See package rates & payment options below.

As a Doulagiver Care Consultant, I am a specially trained professional who helps people -- BEFORE a crisis or terminal diagnosis -- through all aspects of end of life care planning and options, including all Advanced Directive forms. We can meet in person or virtually or you can attend an upcoming "Get Them Done" workshop.


Services provided can include, but are not limited to:

Outlining the who, what, where & how aspects of physical care needs

Identifying all aspects of mental care needs

Suggesting what to do to attain emotional acceptance at end of life

Discussing your spiritual needs and working towards spiritual peace of mind

Identifying financial components to consider in end-of-life planning

Helping you understand EVERY end of life document, including:  Living Wills, DNRs, Health Care Power of Attorney, Mental Health Care Power of Attorney, organ and whole body donation. 

- and -

Outlining options for home or public wakes, funerals vs. FUNerals (life celebrations), cremation, traditional or natural/green burials, whole body, organ and/or tissue only donation, and life legacy projects and remembrances

Positive Transition Planner - Before filling out your Advanced Directives, this planner helps you think through everything in the 5 end of life categories: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial. Once you have taken time to consider how you want your end of life experience to go and completed this planner, either you can use this to fill out your Advanced Directives and final wishes on your own, or we can walk through it all together.  


Package Rates & Payment Options

1 free 30-minute consultation

Positive Transition Planner (Self-Guided) = $77

Positive Transition Planner (with 5 1-hour sessions with Susan) = $325

$65 per 1-hour sessions

5 1-hour sessions bundle = $300 ($60 per hour)

10 1-hour sessions bundle = $550 ($55 per hour)

20 1-hour sessions bundle = $1,000 ($50 per hour)


$95 per 90-minute sessions

5 90-minute sessions bundle = $450 ($90 per session)

10 90-minute sessions bundle = $850 ($85 per session)

20 90-minute sessions bundle = $1,600 ($80 per session)

Customized packages to meet your needs are available.


The Infinite Path services are prepaid via Zelle, PayPal or Venmo. If received in advance, personal checks are also accepted (made payable to Susan Luddy).  CONTACT ME TO PAY FOR SERVICES


In case of a death, hours remaining in the package you purchased can be applied to another family member or whoever you designate to receive services from The Infinite Path. There are no refunds.


Please note that I do not accept insurance for payment.