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In-Person Services
Virtual Services

In addition to services being provided in person, virtual services are offered to support people outside of Sedona and the Verde Valley in Arizona and nationwide and when in person sessions are not possible. These services include general consulting, End of Life Planning, Virtual End of Life Doula CareGrief Support, online Workshops and Events, and some of the "Other Services" provided as noted below. 


The following are services can be purchased individually or packaged together on request. 





End of Life Doula Care Intro & Intake

Following the initial free consultation, we'll have a 90 minute-to-2 hour visit. The patient/caregiver/family will learn about the End of Life Doula (EOL) approach and go through a thorough review of what services are provided. We will talk about the symptoms and signs, where the patient stands and their level of understanding of end of life planning and advanced directives, what to expect and options to consider in each stage of end of life and more. This service is required in most cases.  CONTACT ME TO PURCHASE.

EOL Doula Care Intro & Intake (90 minutes-2 hours) = $130

The Positive Transition Planner

Before filling out your Advanced Directives, the Positive Transition Planner helps you think through everything in the 5 end of life categories: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial. Once you have taken time to consider how you want your end of life experience to go and have completed this planner, you can use it to fill out your Advanced Directives and final wishes on your own, or we can walk through it all together one-on-one, or you can sign up for this 5 week workshop where we meet online once a week to start working on each section. This is emailed to you in eBook/PDF format. CONTACT ME TO PURCHASE.


The Positive Transition Planner (Self-Guided) = $77

The Positive Transition Planner (with 5 1-hour sessions with Susan) = $325

Check to see when the next Positive Death Planner workshop is. 

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Description coming soon. CONTACT ME TO PURCHASE.

Chakra Cleansing Meditation (Led by Susan in person or virtually) = $65


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