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you think about big life changes, terminal diagnosis', aging and dying.

The Infinite Path is dedicated to providing compassionate, loving and inclusive care, guidance, planning and education to everyone - especially for our elders, those nearing end-of-life, and for those who are grieving.


We believe the more we learn about death and stop avoiding talking about it, the more we are in control and prepared for the realization that there is life beyond the body. Our energy lives on for eternity. 

Live well. Transition peacefully.

Why I'm a Doula

& Life Transition Guide

After spending many hours volunteering with local hospices, other organizations and private clients, the insights I gained from patients and clients have rounded out what I already knew.


Death is the #1 fear that people have and it doesn't need to be this way. Our elders are a treasure and deserve to be supported and helped with activities of daily living. Planning for what eventually happens to all of us shouldn't occur at the time of a terminal diagnosis or an unfortunate event because good decisions aren't made during a time of peak stress. When experiencing grief, sometimes all you need is someone to listen and give guidance when asked.


End of life planning ahead of a diagnosis gives you peace of mind to know that you will be taken care of, to know where you will be, that your legacy will live on, your wishes will be fulfilled and that you don't have to be in pain or do this alone. No matter what your age, NOW is the right time to get your affairs in order. 


With education and guidance on elder care and end-of-life options, having honest communication with your loved ones and by putting it all together in a plan, this stage of life can be a beautiful, sacred, gentle process. It's time to get back to treating death as the beautiful sacred journey that it is. While it is the end of our body, our soul lives on.


As a Life Transition Guide, I'm here to help you before, during and after every stage, and to help your loved ones. It's more than a mission - it's my life calling. 

Let me help you change the way you think about aging and dying.

You can read more below about me. ~Susan 


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The Infinite Path and The Life to Death Café presents: 



Date:  ***TBD***

Time:  11:30 AM - 1:15 PM (MST) or 5:30 - 7:15 PM (MST)

Location:  Online (link sent via email)

Suggested Love Offering: $11.11

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Date:  ***TBD***

Time:  10:00 AM - 11:15 AM (MST) or 3:30 - 4:45 PM (MST)

Location:  Online (link sent via email)

Suggested Love Offering: $11.11

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The mini workshop to complete your Living Will


Date:  Sunday, March 28, 2021

Time:  12:30-3:00 PM (MST)

Location:  Online (link sent via email)

Cost:  $33.33 per person

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Testimonials & Quotes


“Thank you for the extraordinary display of compassion, kindness and skill you exhibited during our loved ones last weeks with us.”

Hospice Patient Family Member


Meet Susan

Susan Luddy


Ordained Minister

Life Transition Guide

Certified End of Life Doula

Certified Elder Care Doula

Care Consultant

Grief Guide

Workshop Leader

Susan Luddy End of Life Doula Certificat
Susan Luddy Elder Care Doula Certificate

Starting in my teenage years, I had some very interesting experiences surrounding the deaths of family and friends, and later on, caring for my elderly father for 10 years, and helping other loved ones as needed. While I have been called an empath, lightworker, earth angel, healer, guide and intuitive throughout my life, it wasn't until the last decade that I started feeling a stirring in my soul, which led me to what I'm doing today. 

After I enrolled in the Specialist program at the Doulagivers Institute and was immersed in completing this intensive certification training as an End of Life Doula, Elder Care Doula and Care Consultant, I realized I had found my calling, combined all of my gifts and stepped into my life purpose. Those are all my "technical" titles, but what I most often say is I'm a Life Transition Guide. 

Since then, I've become credentialed by the National End-Of-Life Alliance (NEDA) and have earned the NEDA Proficient designation. From there I took additional training in Grief Counseling, became an Ordained Minister to help people plan and hold end of life celebrations, and I'm a member of Lifespan Doulas. I have completed hospice training, background checks and am actively volunteering at and contracting with hospices, long-term care organizations and agencies, work with private clients and offer many workshops. My full list of credentials and education include:

  • Certified End of Life Doula - Doulagivers Institute

  • Certified Elder Care Doula - Doulagivers Institute

  • Care Consultant - Doulagivers Institute

  • NEDA Proficient - National End-Of-Life Alliance (NEDA)

  • Healing Grief & Loss by David Kessler Program

  • Ordained Minister - Universal Life Church

  • Member - Lifespan Doulas

  • Master’s degree – Communications Management - Simmons University

  • Bachelor’s degree – Marketing - Franklin Pierce University

  • Intuition Development - Psychic Medium

  • Reiki Practitioner – Levels I & II

  • Integrated Energy Therapist - Levels I & II

  • Speaker and Workshop Leader 

  • CPR Certified

  • Food Handlers Certificate

  • Background checked & Fingerprinted

What can you expect when you chose to work with me in any of my practice areas? I meet you and your family wherever you are at, without judgement. I do not impose on you my spiritual beliefs; you tell me yours and we go from there. I care for you AND your loved ones. The time we will spend together will be meaningful, respectful and special. I am there to make sure you are safe, being properly cared for, and that your needs are being met. I am your advocate, a trusted companion and guide.

It is my honor to help where needed while leading with love and sharing my light with you, your loved ones and our communities. I look forward to meeting with you.


~ Susan

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"It is true to say that most of us dislike thinking about our own death. We spend most of our lives amassing possessions or embarking on an endless number of projects as though we were going to live forever. It's as though it's not absolutely certain that one day - tomorrow perhaps or even in the next moment - we will leave everything behind."

                                         ~ H.H. The XIV Dalai Lama



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