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A Journey from Birth to Death

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

© 2021 Susan K. Luddy

From birth to death,

We journey to the heart.

Grasping for life, with clenched fists reaching out.

That first breath we take, begins the count.

With bright eyes open, we begin to seek;

The magic, the spark and the elusive mystique.

The divine being that makes up our soul.

That light within, anointing us perfect and whole.

But once we’re told we must work hard to make ends meet,

Following our inner compass, becomes no small feat.

We forget that we came into this life, to be joyful, grateful and pray;

To look at everything that we do, as some form of play.

We’re taught to judge and separate from those amongst us.

Their looks, beliefs and rituals are different; how can you trust?

External influences keep chipping away at our knowing.

It’s their fear and insecurity, that they are showing.

Along the way, we ask ourselves, is this all there is in life?

To become a follower, who feels as if every day is full of strife?

The day comes when that bright light inside us again turns on.

What about our hopes and dreams, are they foregone?

It’s time to listen to our inner knowing, and take our power back;

To return to consciousness, course correct and find our path.

We do the inner work to change those old stories in our minds;

Instead to focus on what makes us happy and joyful, while still being kind.

After long last, our inner child reappears;

Nudging us to remember, why we’re here.

To help one another, and walk each other home.

To see oneness in each other’s eyes, wherever we roam.

As our days become more numbered, and draw near,

We realize it is finally time to let go of, all of our fears.

Letting go of grudges, forgiving and expressing love,

Becomes our new way of being, as below, so above.

Now we can look back, and know that we’ve done our part,

To release ourselves and those we love, from everything outside of our heart.

As we take our last breath, accepting our journey to the divine,

We look towards the light and for our loved ones, we know we’ll find.

We let go by placing our hands palms up, and relax,

To release our bodies with an exhale, knowing our spirit will be back.

Our physical body may be gone, but our energy never dies,

The essence of our vibration is felt when you think of us; just tune in and try.

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