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Hiking in Arkansas: The Gifts of Going Alone

Walking up to the trailhead, I smile seeing the green canopy of spring filling out the trees and dotting my view with wildflowers. Tuning in, I hear the water flow from rain yesterday at one of over 200 Arkansas waterfall hikes to be checked off my list. And let's not forget the magnificence of the caves and sheer rock faced cliffs everywhere I look.

This is my happy place, walking amongst the rocks, wandering around the caves and climbing just little higher to get a better view, and sticking my feet in the healing waters while searching for that framed photo. There's always something else to see when you go to the other side of that hill.


Out on or off the trail is where I stand in the presence of nature’s cathedral. I walk along taking in all the details while marveling at the beauty and expansiveness of The Natural State. What makes it special though, is the solitude of hiking alone.

It’s in these solo moments where I get the best connection – by disconnecting. The connection to all that is. The connection to my higher self. The connection of being in the present moment. The presence of my consciousness. Messages come more freely. Joy sneaks up on me bringing tears to my eyes. The earth and trees vibrate at my touch. It’s here I feel like the artist holding the brush that’s painting my desires to come into being. These are the gifts of being alone.

People often tell me they don’t like to hike by themselves. Usually it’s for the reason of safety, but I also know for some it’s because they don’t like the feeling of being alone.

Even as a kid, I was independent, but I do remember those feelings of not wanting to be alone when I was in my twenties. Then I started traveling for work. Those solo trips gave me a peak at what it might feel like to be untethered. It felt like an adventure of sorts in its own way, and I liked it.

These newly found wings eventually grew into vacationing alone where I discovered the concept of self-care, self-reflection, and self-preservation. Ultimately, it’s how I ended up living in Sedona Arizona for a few years before moving to Eureka Springs Arkansas a couple of years ago. Both Sedona and Eureka Springs called to me while visiting and left me with the overwhelming feeling that I was supposed to live in these locations. I made the big move to Sedona from the east coast where I had spent my entire life, which made moving again to Eureka Springs that much easier. These are the kinds of adventures that come with Spirit’s relocation package.

Over the years, I came to realize that I was never really alone because of what experiences had taught me, along with my faith. Having faith that everything always works out for me. Having faith that I am always guided and protected. Having faith that the most important things in life aren’t what we see with our eyes. Largely, it’s all comes from doing the inner work on myself. To get to the place of loving the heck out of me and giving up the so-called control. Instead, I allow the space for the perfect people, places, and opportunities to show up in my life to love me, teach me, bless me, and expand my awareness, while I continue taking small steps towards what I want to manifest.

Everything I have mentioned are the gifts that come with stepping outside your comfort zone and doing some things alone that you never thought were possible.

Life is short! Lace up your hiking boots and take that leap of faith. It’s likely you’ll be surprised and delighted at what transpires out on the trail.

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