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Signs from Heaven

Repeating numbers like 11:11, cardinals, dragonflies, lights going on and off, a certain scent, a thought about a passed loved one that drops in seemingly out of nowhere, waking up at the same time in the middle of the night – these, and more, are signs from someone trying to get our attention from the other side.

Maybe you are seeing these signs from a close friend or relative such as a mother, father, spouse, sibling or child. They can also be from angels, guides, Jesus or even passed on pets. There are many spiritual beings that work in our best interests.

Our loved ones are using repetition to try and let us know about their presence in spirit and that they reached the other side just fine. They hear our thoughts, conversations, and prayers about them. Often, they are subtle signs so that they don’t interfere with our lives, but they still want you to know they are with us.

Here are some signs that I’ve experienced over the years:

  • During one of the most difficult years of my life when I went through severe illness, deaths and divorce, I started noticing a repeating and very obvious sign. When I was walking or driving towards streetlights, the light right ahead of me would go off, but when I got just past it, it would come back on again. When this happened, I always had a thought or feeling that my mother was with me. This went on for almost 18 months when I was in a long-lasting time of need. Different streets, different lights, and over time I would smile and just say, “I know that was you, Mom. Thanks for being here with me.”

  • The weather had been warm and dry for quite some time. During this period, I’m backing my car out of the garage and all of a sudden, I smell moist soil and worms. Immediately I go back in time to being a kid running across the yard to dig up worms under our front hedges to go fishing with my Dad at a local pond. There was no mistaking this sign. Thanks for that, Dad!

  • I was with a hospice patient, and we started talking about his belief in the afterlife. I asked him how he would show his wife that he was around her once he passed. He said she would know when she saw orange and black butterflies. The next morning, I did a steep hike up to Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona at sunrise. I had just reached the top when my phone buzzed with a text from the patients’ wife. She said she woke up and her husband was fine. She meditated for about 30 minutes and when she opened her eyes, he had passed on. Less than 5 minutes later, as I let the sadness wash over me, an orange and black butterfly appears and proceeds to do figure eights (the symbol of infinity) in front of me. I knew without a doubt it was the patient.

  • Recently, I had driven straight through from Arkansas to Arizona to beat snow and ice storms. GPS had told me that it would take 17 hours to get home. When I pulled in the driveway, I noticed it was 2:22 AM which meant it had taken me 15 hours and 22 minutes to get home, and the date was 2/2/2022! For the next 3 days I kept seeing repeating sequences of 2s. I kept laughing because I knew this was a perfect message for what was and is about to occur in my life. [In Numerology the symbolism of 2 is that this number can’t exist in isolation. Without the number 1 (the spark of new beginnings) the feminine is incomplete. Angel Number 2 is all about walking a path of unity, of joining together, and finding your life purpose through partnership, and that it’s time to birth your gifts out to the world.]

Please always remember that love never dies and that your loved ones use different kinds of signs to let you know they are with you. If you would like to learn more, check out this great video from psychic medium Matt Fraser who shares his take on signs from heaven.

Do you want to learn how to tune into and become more sensitive to these signs so you can feel closer to your loved ones in spirit? I offer private and small group coaching sessions to help you develop your intuition to do just that. Reach out to schedule a call so we can talk about what’s right for you!

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