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Spreading More Seeds

People often ask me to talk about the spiritual experiences I’ve had, wondering which ones were the most profound and life-changing. If you read my last post, The Journey Starts with a Seed, I’d say that first reading when my Mom came through had the MOST impact on me… But, so did the readings I did FOR people once I completed a formal Intuition Development program that I talk about below.

It was many years after that pivotal reading where my Mom came through that I started looking around for a spiritual community to join so I could learn more about metaphysics. Along the way, I met a kindred spirit – Isabeau Maxwell - a smart, successful business woman AND a well-known Psychic Medium who created the intuitive development program that combines the practical with the mystical along with the science behind the spiritual.

Upon completion of the program, I tested out as a Psychic Medium with a very high level of accuracy out of the gate. During practice readings, messages came to me in a variety of ways – many of which I thought everyone experienced:

Claircognizance - Intuitive knowing without any physical explanation or reasoning.

Clairsentience – Intuitive knowing by feeling others emotions and vibrations; empathic sensing.

Clairvoyance – Intuitive vision; being able to “see” even when the physical eyes are closed.

Clairaudience – Intuitive audio or hearing. It’s often like someone else using my voice, occasionally it’s a voice I don’t know, or I hear music as part of the message.

The most profound and startling “Clair” for me is when Clairsentience kicks in (i.e., feeling how the person died). This one was another very powerful experience for me:

I was practicing with a friend of a friend, a young woman who was very nervous. I started tuning in and I heard, “man, brother, 20s, troubled.” And then I felt like the left side of my head exploded. (Gulp!) I felt it was a gunshot wound to the head. Then my left brain jumped in and said maybe it was an aneurysm that had burst. I relayed all of this to the young woman and asked if any of it made sense to her. Through tears she said that her 22-year-old brother had shot himself in the head, committing suicide. I squeezed her hand and closed my eyes for a minute. Her brother’s spirit showed himself to me and shared he was sorry he had hurt her and his family and friends by this dramatic end. He said he was ok now, he was a peace, and that he loved her and all of them. I sat there with tears in my eyes and felt such gratitude for having the privilege of being able to bring her brothers spirit through.

Other examples of Clairsentience in readings had me feeling a sharp pain in my heart (heart attack), a squeezing of my kidneys (diabetes related-death) and a strange sickly feeling in my stomach (cancer). Can you imagine how powerful and life-changing it would be for you to experience this?

It comes through in more subtle ways as well. One day I was sitting on the couch staring at the fireplace and my cat had his two front paws on my shoulder. I suddenly felt a shift of the energy in the room, like someone had walked in. I felt the warmth of love spreading across my chest surrounding my heart. I started smiling. My cat jerked off my shoulder, eyes wide as saucers, and then took off into the other room. Just then I felt and heard “Mom”. I thanked her for making me aware of her presence, for always showing up when I really needed to feel her with me and acknowledged that I knew she never really had left me.

I knew when I had completed the training mentioned above that I didn’t want to be a “reader” per say, but I distinctly knew I would use these abilities in some capacity down the road.

Since stepping into my end-of-life doula work, now I know without a doubt how to embrace these abilities as part of my life’s purpose. To be able to share with a patient or client that I’m sensing their loved ones in the room with us is so beautifully comforting.

There have been many, many experiences along my path that are forever imprinted on me. I’ll keep sharing them in my writings, because I know there are people who may have these experiences too but have never talked about them for fear of being thought of differently. To me, there is nothing more natural than to embrace and be grateful for our God-given gifts. ~Susan

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