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The Journey Starts with a Seed

It’s not unusual for traumatic events to kickstart spiritual awakenings. Near Death Experiences, being involved in an accident, and having the shock of a loved one die are all fairly common ways that it can happen.

The first seed in my spiritual journey and awakening began at age 15 when my mother suddenly died. Months after her death, I would see her driving by in her car as I walked down the streets of my hometown. A few times she also came to me in dreams to let me know she was ok, that she was not in pain, and that she loved me. When I shared these things with my family, they chose to believe I was making up stories because I missed my Mom. Even then I had an inner knowing that what I had experienced was real.

More than a decade later, a friend of a friend invited me to a psychic reading party at her house. She told me the reading would be with a Psychic Medium and explained that if I brought a picture or something from one of my loved ones who had passed away, the Medium would bring through their spirit and give me messages from them. I told her I wasn’t sure if I could go, but in truth, I wanted time to think about it.

One the day of the party, I decided to just show up. I brought with me a picture of my Mom, and I wore some of her jewelry. Within seconds of me sitting down in the chair, she came through loud and clear. The Medium connected with the spirit of my Mom and relayed that the first thing she wanted me to know was that I needed to forgive myself for saying I hated her 5 days before she died. [Mic drop.] No one but me and my mother knew that had happened! I gasped and burst out crying.

For the next 45 minutes the reader relayed loving messages that kept hitting the nail on the head. I learned that my mother was with me when I was picking out pictures of roses to hang above my bed because they reminded me of her. She was with my brother, protecting him, when he flipped over his truck without a seat belt on. She was so proud that I was the first in our family to get a college degree. On and on, the Medium relayed very specific and detailed proof points, one after the other.

At the end of the reading, all of the sadness and anger of Mom physically leaving me at a pivotal age lifted, and in its place was a feeling of so much love, joy and awe. Mom had never left my side! In that moment, I thought if I could provide this kind of happiness, relief, peace and reassurance to someone in a similar way, THAT would be the ultimate gift of a lifetime to share with others.

It took me quite a while to digest everything from that reading and it was more than a decade before I was ready to learn more about metaphysics. Between these two points, though, I noticed a few other things. I was at a party with friends and strangers having fun, and as the night went on the party got louder. The drugs and alcohol were steadily flowing. Out of nowhere I got a feeling, and then had the thought that I needed to leave. Without questioning or thinking too much about it, I said goodbye and left. Days later I found out the police showed up after I left the party.

There were other instances in my teenage years when I would meet someone and every fiber of my being told me to get away from them. I always listened. Later I would hear from others how this person mistreated people, was always getting in trouble with the law, and was bad news. Or, I might be walking down a city street, turn a corner heading towards my destination, and I get a feeling, and hear: Don’t go this way. When this happens, I turn around and go a different way. It’s impossible for me to recall how many times this ‘knowing’ has saved me from an unfortunate situation because it’s happened so often.

Another seemingly random thing that has happened throughout my life is I’ll be in a conversation with someone or in a work-related interview and am asked a question. Out of nowhere I’ll give a brilliant answer. Afterwards, I would think what was that? Where did that answer and all that information come from? How did I give that perfect response? When it happens now, I just laugh and say thank you.

With the gift of hindsight, I look back and I see these are all seeds that became building blocks along my spiritual path to ultimately align me with my life purpose to serve our elders, those at the end of life and their loved ones.

So many more seeds to share, coming soon. ~Susan

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