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Stepping into Faith

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

I'm feeling guided to share this today.. maybe it's because I need to write this out loud or maybe someone(s) needs to read this...

I'd be so lost without my faith . But there was a long period of time when I flinched every time I heard the words God or the Lord.

Following the death of my Mom when I was 15, I was so mad at God that I stopped going to church unless it was for a wedding or funeral. I just walked away from him, them, and all of it. That lasted for about 20 years.

During this time I had a knowing though that someday I'd return to God. When I was ready I decided I would not return to the religion I was taught. Instead I would return to God and Jesus Christ without the teachings that just never resonated with me. My re-entry happened to come via Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Their teachings opened my eyes to seeing that God and Jesus Christ were not "out there". They were in me, as in, "the God within me" and that I was made in the likeness of Jesus.

Everyone one of us are worthy of miracles.

These days I don't go to any one place to worship. I visit different spiritual centers and churches, or I watch different services online. The place I feel most connected is out in nature. That is my sacred cathedral as is going within.

There have been many a-ha moments along my path and I have had a number of divinely direct experiences that cannot be mistaken. Jesus has literally taken the wheel (Carrie Underwood song reference) and shown up when I've shouted out on the rare occasion - and so have angels.

I have walked away from totaled vehicles twice without scratches or soreness. I have seen a flash 5 seconds ahead of things before they were about to happen (Car running a stop sign; vicious dog about to bite; a ladder about to fly out of a vehicle and go through my windshield) allowing me enough time to avoid accidents or tragedy. I have fallen down mountains and rocks stopping inches from a 20 foot drop and large patches of cactus. My gut instinct kicks in hard and I "hear" to not go further, turnaround, walk away or sometimes "this is not for you."

All of these are unmistakable and incredible gifts. I feel and I know I am so protected. I give thanks and gratitude every day for these things and many others. I am blessed in so many ways.

What I will leave you with is this. Many people wait til they realize their days are now limited to consider reconnection to their higher power.

Don't wait. Open up your heart now. Kindle that faith you may have once had. Stoke that fire inside of you. Let your light rip and give thanks every day for things big and small in your life.

(Cue George Michaels "Gotta have faith faith faith...")

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